The Singing Bois

Gender forward, retro swag

The Singing Bois offer the following engagement activities to accompany A Queer Story of the Boy Band or other performances. Please contact us for additional information or references. We are also open to doing other types of engagement -- just drop a note if you'd like to propose something!


Participants are introduced to the current landscape of gender, key vocabulary, and the concept of gender as performance. The workshop combines discussion along with interactive exercises that help participants to recognize gender images/stereotypes and play with subverting them.


Everybody has a gender story. This workshop explores each participant's gender journey using the gender unicorn to introduce a gender spectrum and provide a springboard for personal reflection. Participants are also introduced to various storytelling formats, including theater, spoken word poetry, dance, and music.


Band members discuss the art of songwriting and guide participants through exercises to enhance their own composition work. The workshop can be an introduction to songwriting for first-time writers (along with guided exercises) or higher level and more technical program for seasoned songwriters. The thematic focus can be open or focus more specifically on sharing gender, sexual, and LGBTQIA+ issues through song.


The band is comprised of educators (K to doctoral), social workers, and social justice workers. Band members are available to visit classes (all levels), Gay-Straight Alliances, community centers, campus theme houses, or community organizations to discuss their work. Topics can include their personal musical or gender background, current reflections on queer arts from inside the industry, gender and music, queer theory, and greater context/history for A Queer Story of the Boy Band.

INSTRUMENTAL master classes

Bands members can offer master classes on songwriting, guitar, bass, drumkit, hand drums (Afro-Caribbean), and sound design.

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