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Announcing...our blog!

Here at TSB headquarters, we are continually dreaming up new ways to stay connected with our audiences and communities. We definitely enjoy our engagements with you onstage but realize there is so much more we can share with you about how and why we do what we do. Each time we step before you--trying our darndest to look dapper--represents weeks, months, even years of discussions, personal reflection, rehearsals, meals, and life experiences. So, we've decided to let inquiring minds in on some of the details.


Inquiring minds. Photo: Irina Arellano-Weiss


In periodic postings, we'll take you "Behind the Vest" as we build our shows, travel for gigs, and collaborate with other artists. Beyond this glimpse into our process, we also hope to share our individual and collective musings on the ways in which music and gender intersect. We certainly don't have all the answers! But our work definitely raises many questions and we'd like to share with you our journey as we step more fully into ourselves as queer and masculine-of-center artists.

Enjoy! And be sure to contribute your own thoughts and reflections. //tr//


Behind the vest? Photo: Irina Arellano-Weiss


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