The Singing Bois

Gender forward, retro swag


A playful exploration of gender, race, and sexuality, A Queer Story of the Boy Band traces the evolution of the male pop vocal ensemble through barbershop, doo-wop, Motown, and more. Combining unique arrangements, dynamic choreography, and band members' personal stories, this musical revue pushes the boundaries of masculinity and reveals how women, transmen, and gender non-conforming people shape its construction.

Developed by a team of award-winning artists, A Queer Story has been presented in national arts venues, festivals, and universities. In conjunction with the performance, the artists also offer workshops, talks, and other community engagements.

To book A Queer Story of the Boy Band for your venue, school, or community space, please use the contact form. Read more about the show in this blogpost. The Singing Bois also offer a variety of engagement activities in conjunction with the show.

Production photos: Kerry Kehoe Photography and University Marketing and Communications

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